Originally released by Megahard Records in 2001, “Defender Of Metal”, Hellish War’s debut album, is a true declaration of love to heavy metal. Songs like “We Are Living For The Metal”, “The Sign”, “Memories Of A Metal” and the title track became hymns of unconditional devotion to Metal for many fans of the band spread throughout Brazil, the United States, Japan and mainly Europe, where the band has toured twice.

“Defender Of Metal” not only boosted the career of Hellish War internationally, but shaped the group’s musical personality that was enhanced in subsequent works, “Heroes Of Tomorrow” from 2008 and “Keep It Hellish” from 2013. The live album “Live In Germany” (2010) also came packed with classics from the debut and proved the firepower of these tracks among the European audience.

Fifteen years after the release of “Defender Of Metal” – that was also released in Europe by the german record label Pure Steel Records -, Hellish War had to celebrate the date with the fans.

One of the ways was to re-record the title track, now with Bil Martins’ vocals. The vocalist of Hellish War is who even signs the production of this new version.
“Defender Of Metal” 2017 version got a new Lyric Video designed by Marcelo Silva (Motion Design) that is already available on the band’s Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/9hqApHk0Jmk

“Defender Of Metal” was also relaunched on all digital platforms:
Spotify: https://goo.gl/UaWPMm
Deezer: https://goo.gl/1CuyWq
Google Play: https://goo.gl/M92gp2
iTunes: https://goo.gl/Cb6JQ1

Besides Bil, Hellish War is also formed by the guitarists Vulcano and Daniel Job, the bassist JR and the drummer Daniel Person.