Joceir Bertoni (vocal/guitar), Ricardo Fanucchi (bass) and Bruno Pamplona (drums/vocal) are collectively known as Imagery, the most dangerous power trio of the Brazilian progressive rock scene!
When Imagery came to light they surprised even the most optimistic forecast. Definitely! After all, who would expect that a power trio from the countryside of Brazil that  plays progressive rock mixed with heavy metal and jazz would reap many fruits with so little time of career and just one album released?

It all started with the release show of “The Inner Journey”, their debut album, which came during the opening for Focus, the legendary progressive rock group, in 2012.
Then, the impact of the album in the national press might not have been better. In numerous reviews, the record received maximum rates, including Rock On Stage that also published that Imagery “owes nothing to bands such as Dream Theater.” “The Inner Journey” was also nominated for Dynamite Prize as one of the “Best Brazilian Heavy Metal Albums” of 2012.

Right on the next year, Imagery gave one of the most important steps in its career that was the signing of a distribution agreement with the U.S. label Cleopatra Records (Tangerine Dream, Nektar, Hawkwind, Motörhead, Yes, Asia) that already released the album “The Inner Journey” in North America, Europe and Asia.
Soon, super positive reviews started to be published in the international press. The U.S. site Critical Jazz stated that Imagery “is one of the few bands working in the field of progressive rock with the ability to keep the music fresh and revigorating.”

In 2014, the paths of Imagery and Focus crossed again. Imagery performed two more shows with Focus in Curitiba and Florianopolis.
Imagery also visited many other cities in Brazil during the tour in promotion for “The Inner Journey”.

Since then, the band have been working on the compositions for its next album, still untitled. And after the release of three singles, “Blinded Nation”, “People Say” and “End Of The Line”, the band now presents a new one, “The Ordeal”.

“Like ‘Start The War’ from our debut album, ‘The Ordeal’ is a new version for an old song – ‘Depois’ from Revoult’s album I, the embryo of Imagery”, explains drummer Bruno Pamplona, composer of lyrics and music.
“The Ordeal comprehensively addresses, in retrospect, the human tribulation. It’s almost a “look back” at strenuous situations and difficult times in anyone’s life trajectory.”

Song and video were recorded at Plugue Estudio in Londrina/Brazil with the production by Júlio Anizelli and Bruno Pamplona. The video production is signed by Usina de Ideias.

“The Ordeal” video is already available on the band’s official Youtube channel:

All the singles released by Imagery until now, “Blinded Nation”, “People Say”, “End Of The Line” and now “The Ordeal” will take part on the band’s next studio album to be released early 2019.
More information about the album will be revealed soon.