In October the group visits Switzerland, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic to play 10 shows in promotion to its new album, “Espresso Della Vita: Solare”

“Espresso Della Vita: Solare”, new album of the progressive rock/metal brazilian band Maestrick, was released in Japan on May, 23th by Marquee/Avalon and in Brazil on June, 28th.

Successor of the acclaimed debut album, “Unpuzzle!”, and the EP “The Trick Side Of Some Songs”, “Espresso Della Vita: Solare” is the first part of a conceptual album that makes an observation of the human life by the perspective of a train trip. The album was produced by Adair Daufembach (Tony Macalpine, Hibria, Hangar), that was also responsible for recording all the guitars of the album and brings 12 tracks: “Origami”, “I a.m. Living”, “Rooster Race”, “Daily View”, “Water Birds”, “Keep Trying”, “The Seed”, “Far West”, “Across The River”, “Penitência”, “Hijos De La Tierra” and “Trainsition”. The japanese version also brings an exclusive bonus track, “The Creation”.

“Espresso Della Vita: Solare” has been highly praised and is already considered by some journalists as one of the best releases of the year! The internationally renowned BURRN! magazine rated the album with the note 86/100. For those who follow the Japanese publication, knows that this is a very high note. In the same edition, albums by renowned artists such as Anthrax, Angra, Don Airey, Spock’s Beard, Dimmi Borgir, among others, did not reach the same mark. In Brazil, the album is receiving praises such as: “… an end result worthy of being called art.” (Fabian Chacur – Mondo Pop); “… one of the best of the year.” (Rodrigo Monteiro – Rock Master); “Masterpiece” (Gabriel Arruda – House Of Bootleg); “… one of the best albums of the last decade” (Rodrigo – Action Nerd).

Very proud of the new album, Fabio Caldeira (vocal/piano), Heitor Matos (drums), Renato Montanha (bass), Neemias Teixeira (keyboards) and Vitor Mancini (guitar) embark on the next week to Europe where they will make their first tour in the old world. During the month of October the group visits Switzerland, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic to play 10 shows:

The confirmed dates are:
11.10  – Moudon (Switzerland) @ Sueno Latino
12.10 – Yverdon (Switzerland) @ Citrons Masqués
14.10 – Rivergaro (Italy) @ Riff Raff
17.10 – Plzen (Czech Republic) @ Parlament
18.10 – Ostrava (Czech Republic) @ Rock Hill
19.10 – Krakow (Poland) @ Cemetery Pub
20.10 – Gliwice (Poland) @ Concept Pub
21.10 – As (Czech Republic) @ Cihellna

“At this moment a movie is playing in my head,” says singer Fabio Caldeira, “Our career until here, the moment we met and started this project with everything we believe in. With open hearts and with all possible gratitude, I affirm that we are ready for whatever comes and goes on this first tour through Europe and that, united, let us steady our feet in this step of the trajectory with Maestrick, in the best possible way. Thank you all for your support so far, without this, nothing would make sense!”
“Espresso Della Vita: Solare” is available on the main digital plataforms:
Google Play:

The physical digipack version is for sale on Laser CD: